The Blackout Club | Mini Review

What is it?

The Blackout Club is a co-op stealth-horror first-person shooter developed and published by Question Studio. As a group of teenagers, you must complete various quests together while dodging the insane adults and an otherworldly figure on the prowl.



Chilling prologue.
Moody lighting and great sound design.
Polished stealth mechanics.
Running away from ‘The Shape’ is a pants-pooping experience.
Can help the bad guys as The Spectator by recording other players in the act.
Iffy visuals.
You earn less XP by playing solo.
Playing as The Spectator offers no rewards.
Wonky animations.
Repetitive gameplay that never seems to develop much further.


Your average server will either be a simple cakewalk or a spine-tingling trek, but playing solo is just nowhere near as fun, forgiving or rewarding as co-op mode. However, there’s still some spooky fun to be had in this fairly repetitive and janky title, so don’t let it scare you off from joining the club entirely.


3 Stars



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