The Fan | Mini Review

What is it?

The Fan is a point-and-click title solely made up of photographs. It also puts you in the shoes of a sociopathic stalker who’s locked a woman in his basement. The game starts in the kidnapper’s lair, a sordid and mucky basement underneath surface level. In a nearby room is his latest catch, a woman that he’s obsessed over. He must steal a few important items from different locations in hopes of expressing his undying love for her.



From beginning to end, the atmosphere in this game is creepy and unsettling.
Eerie soundtrack heightens the apprehensive feel of the title.
Fantastic photography.
Diary extracts, emails and photos scattered around your hideout will shed light on her backstory.
Cheap price.
Little to interact with in each area, aside from zooming the camera at inconsequential objects for no reason.
Within a single hour, the experience sadly closes.
Little replay value .
Only three decisions to make, which barely affects the ending.
No timer or threat to watch out for – just keep clicking.


Ultimately, its particularly dark premise and unsettling plot alone sadly won’t make you a fan if you’re hounding for a gripping point-and-click title.

3 Stars



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