The Incredible Adventures of Super Panda | Mini Review!

What is it?

The Incredible Adventures of Super Panda is a side-scroller developed by Chaos Rift Entertainment, LLC and published by Deverydoo. As a bamboo-throwing panda, you must reach the goal at the end of each stage while collecting coins and defeating foes. It is said to be inspired by side-scrollers of the eighties.


Steam, Microsoft Store, Xbox One

Paying to respawn from checkpoints makes it challenging
You keep your coins when you die
Can play with gamepad, keyboard and mouse
Steep price
Samey, uninspired levels
Bland visuals, generic music and the occasional ear-grating sound effects
Respawn prices can be awfully high
Missions that force you to run non-stop are garbage


The Incredible Adventures of Super Panda is like supermarket-brand soup that’s being sold for five times the price. It looks, sounds and plays like a clunky indie title for phones without the annoying ads. Levels have numerous traps thrown into the mix, meaning they can be tricky at times, but they contain nothing that’ll set itself apart from other games, and the need to grab countless coins just to respawn from a checkpoint feels like a cheap, artificial way to beef up the difficulty. Easily the most annoying inclusions are the missions that force you to run uncontrollably against your will; a poorly-timed jump will glue you in a wall of blocks with no way of being able to shuffle or detach yourself as you’re forced to move solely in one direction. Hardly an “incredible adventure”, sadly.

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