The Song of Saya | Mini Review

What is it?

The Song of Saya (also known as Saya No Uta) is a horror romance visual novel developed by Nitroplus and published by Kagura Games in 2004. An updated version was ported to Steam in 2019. The tale is centered around Sakisaka Fuminori, a medical student who lost his parents in an accident and now suffers from terrifying hallucinations. Every wall and building looks and smells like putrid, rotting flesh, and people both sound and appear as disgusting blobs of flesh. The only exception is a mysterious girl named Saya, who is deeply in love with Fuminori. When his friends try to intervene after his erratic and uncharacteristic behaviour, Fuminori gradually descends into a downward spiral…



Gripping, suspenseful writing with plenty of disturbing twists..
Grotesque scenes of violence and other explicit material that’s bound to shock..
Soundtrack ranges from chaotic and unsettling to beautifully chilling. .
Character artwork is well done. Some exquisitely drawn images can be found here..
Unlockable jukebox and CGI album at the end of the game..
Inconsistent quality of background visuals, from detailed hand-drawn still shots to mediocre CGI images and blurred-out photographs of real-life locations.
A few decisions will decide which ending you get. If only there were more...
Some ‘characters’ are described off-screen, but their potentially gruesome images are never shown.
Wish it was longer – 6 hours is sizeable enough but it could’ve offered more for the re-release.
A few scenes are censored, which may upset some.


The Song of Saya is dark, grim, and downright disgusting at times, and yet it tells a fascinating tale of a man’s gradual descent into madness furthered by his fanatical love. I can’t help but wish that it could’ve offered more alternate paths and endings to follow, just to see what other unsettling endings they could’ve offered. On the whole, though, this twisted tale is well worth experiencing, even in its censored state (it hardly feels like it’s held anything back, aside from maybe one or two images). This creepy visual novel will make horror fans go mad for Saya.



4 Stars

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