The Swindle – Mini Review!

What is it?

The Swindle is a stealth game where you have to work your way through many different districts, stealing as much as you can, in order to be able to enter Scotland Yard, and attempt to nick the Devil’s Basilisk, an item designed to prevent you from being able to steal anything, ever. It’s a pretty cutesy little platformer and has procedurally generated levels and plenty of different sections to keep yourself entertained in.


PC, PS4 & PS Vita

Lots of upgradeable abilities and items.
Decent level of difficulty throughout.
Never get the same map twice.
Procedural generation creates too many impossible levels.
Starts off a little too slowly.


The Swindle is okay. It’s definitely got some good positives to it, such as the many upgrades and decent difficulty curve, but the main positive the game has is also the reason it’s only average. The procedural level design is fantastic if you can get it right, but too frequently you’ll come across impossible levels which ruin the game. Worth playing for a discount, definitely, but probably not something you should pick up at full price.


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The Swindle review!
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