The Talos Principle – Mini Review!

What is it?

The Talos Principle is a puzzle game set in a future world – probably Earth – where you are an android that is told by a disembodied voice to solve puzzles. There’s a computer that tells you to not listen to him and do whatever you want though, but if you choose to ignore the computer, you get to do all sorts of fun puzzles. So I know what I chose…



Looks amazing.
Great puzzles.
Unlockables provide for additional challenge.
Intriguing story.
Can cause motion sickness.
Puzzle variation is lacking slightly.


I’ve put a good few hours into the Talos Principle, and I have noticed that the puzzles are occasionally a little samey, but not to the extent that I’d hate the game. It’s got some great puzzles and the story is intriguing as well, making it a game I really, highly recommend to all puzzle lovers.


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