The Ultimate DOOM & DOOM II (Switch) | Mini-Review!

What is it?

Ported by Panic Button, The Ultimate DOOM & DOOM II have made their way onto the Switch. Experiments gone awry have brought an onslaught of demons from Hell to our world. As a lone space marine, you must rip ‘n’ tear your way through military space stations, Earth, and even the bowels of Hell itself. 


Switch & iOS

  • Still fun and challenging after all these decades
  • Includes Master Levels for DOOM II & cheat menu for both games
  • Split-screen co-op and deathmatch
  • Cheap price
  • Need a account to work; disconnecting from the internet lengthens the time it will take to start a game
  • No online multiplayer servers
  • Missing a level select (excluding Master Levels)
  • ‘No Rest For The Living’ for DOOM II is strangely absent


DOOM is indeed eternal. The first two games in the series still stand strong with their fantastic visuals, polished gameplay and brilliant soundtrack. DOOM and its additional fourth chapter still pack a punch, while the sequel expands its horizons with more complex levels, a wider array of enemies, and the inclusion of the aptly named Super Shotgun. The inclusion of the Master Levels is a welcome inclusion; these high-quality, fan levels from 1995 are seldom included in other ports. 

DOOM on the Switch is a blast. Problem is, in this day and age, do we really need to be connected to the Bethesda server at all times, even when there are no online features? A lack of unique bonus features makes it a difficult recommendation for those who already have the full shebang on PC, and aren’t too fussed about playing on the go. Above all of these issues, what’s on offer is still a guaranteed rippin’ good time after 25 years.

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