Timothy vs The Aliens | Mini Review

What is it?

Timothy vs The Aliens is a third-person shooter by Wild Sphere. The titular gangster is imbued with a special ability, passed onto him by aliens when he was abducted years ago. Transmitted via an Ace of Hearts attached to his hat, he can slow down time for a short amount of time. A whole swarm of aliens have consequently are causing havoc in Little Fish City, so he’ll need to use this ability to fight the invaders.


Switch, PS4, PC and Xbox One

Some variety with objectives.
Jazzy soundtrack is nice.
Clunky, unsatisfying combat.
Terrible platforming and stiff controls.
Frame rate drops on Switch is rampant. Looks ugly, too.
Spacious checkpoints.
City is not worth exploring.


Timothy vs The Aliens is an overpriced title that offers far too little to be considered worth trying out. Seriously, with a price tag like this, you’ll feel like a mook if you fork over your cash without second-thought here. It’s clunky, boring, and a hassle to play, but Switch owners will feel like the biggest shmucks here.





1 Star


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