Top Eleven – Mini Review!

What is it?

Top Eleven is a football management game, endorsed by José Mourinho and playable on mobile devices and Facebook. It lets you create your own team, and play against teams from people all around the world, in the quest to become the best manager out there.


iOS & Android

Great transfer auctions.
Very polished.
Plenty to look at.
Great management options.
Takes a while between matches.
Very pay-to-win.


I’m torn on Top Eleven. On the one hand, it does deliver a solid managerial experience, but on the other, there isn’t a whole lot to do between games, and it does feel very pay-to-win. The matches are quite fun to watch, and the player auctions are especially fun, frantic and enjoyable. If you’re absolutely dying for a freemium management game, then this will scratch the itch, but honestly, I’d skip it if I were you.


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