Typing of the Dead: Overkill – Mini Review!

What is it?

Edutainment at it’s finest. Learn to be a touch typist by slaughtering thousands of zombies with your keyboard as your weapon. It follows the story of two cops and two strippers on their quest to bring the hilariously stereotypical bad-guy Papa Caesar to justice.



Very funny characters and story.
Excellent learning tool.
Action packed.
Plenty of additional dictionaries at reasonable prices.
Multiplayer is a bit buggy.
Word and phrase variations can get old a little quick if repeating levels.


If you want to learn how to touch type, this is the best way of doing it. You’ll have to learn quickly in order to stay alive and complete the levels, in a way that you won’t find in any other application. In a non-edutainment sense, it’s still a brilliant game with a lot of funny lines and crammed full of action.


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