Ultimate Racing 2D (Switch) | Mini Review

What is it?

Ultimate Racing 2D is a top-down racing game by Applimazing. It’s said to contain 35 classes, over 300 cars and roughly 45 tracks.


iOS, PC, Switch

Some customization settings.
Different modes that let you unlock vehicles either via winning races or earning coins.
It functions well enough.
Not really 300 vehicles, only 10 vehicle types but with different appearances.
Nothing to help each race track stand apart from one another.
Some races drag on for far too long.
AI opponents are incredibly unfair and seldom makes mistakes.
Bland music and grating sound of engine noises blaring continuously.


Ultimate Racing 2D doesn’t live up to its own name in the slightest. Each race is a chore to get through, no thanks to the AI’s unforgiving driving skills, the unvaried vehicles, and its unremarkable level design. Don’t get the wrong idea here, it is a functional title that runs well on the Switch and is at least bug-free. It just feels too lifeless and bare to recommend wholly.


2 Stars


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