Ultra Street Fighter IV – Mini Review!

What is it?

Ultra Street Fighter IV is another Street Fighter sequel, and one of the first I’ve played since the Super Nintendo. As you’d expect from a Street Fighter title, you face off in one-on-one battles against various combatants. There are plenty of characters to choose from and a decent amount of arenas to fight in too.



Lots of characters.
Decent controls.
Very nice looking game.
Doesn’t bring anything new to the genre.
Fairly boring.


Ultra Street Fighter IV does what you’d expect a Street Fighter game to do. It gives you an arena, a character to fight with, and an opponent, and lets you batter the life out of eachother. It’s fairly standard and doesn’t really add anything new to the genre, but it does let you beat people up in many different ways. If you’re a beat ’em up fan, then this game is for you.


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