First Impressions: Vaporum

What is it?

A steampunk-themed, grid-based RPG. Waking up in the middle of the ocean and confronted by a mysterious tower, you set off to find out where you’ve ended up, what’s happening and who the blazes you are.



Intruiging story and atmosphere.
Well thought out, intuitive controls.
Lots of secrets to find.
Really dark!
Slightly annoying enemies.


The mere mention of RPGs is usually enough to bring me out in a cold sweat. All that choice and customisation sets my anxiety alarm off at full volume. Colour me surprised then as I found myself thoroughly enjoying Vaporum. Viewed in first person, movement is grid based with levels constructed in such a way as to steer you along the main path whilst providing plenty of scope for wandering off and discovering secrets. Combat is fought in real time, a combination of blunt force steel, guns and area of effect attacks. The amnesia-fueled plot, whilst far from original, provides a narrative drive, ably supported by a gritty steampunk vibe, making this feel like an intriguing mix of Bioshock meets Dungeon Master. Chuck in some puzzles and this becomes a world that demands you spend time in. Expect a full review soon.
First Impressions Rating – Simmering Fire


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