Warcraft III – Mini Review!

What is it?

Warcraft III is a real time strategy game, developed by Blizzard before they moved on to World of Warcraft. Following on from the events of the second game, there are now two additional playable races – the Night Elves and the Undead. The gameplay is much the same – build units and use them to destroy your opponents, but the custom games on battle.net were where the fun really was.



All four races are well balanced.
Heroes really spice up the game play.
Birthplace of MOBAs.
Great humour.
Brilliant selection of maps.
Wonderful custom maps.
Bit dated now.


I still have my CDs for Warcraft 3 and it’s expansion, the Frozen Throne. They are absolutely fantastic, and I always bring them out at LAN parties, because of the variety of custom games you can have in them. Tower Defenses, DotA, or even a free for all amongst your friends, there is so much to do in the game. If you ever see them on eBay or in a charity shop, do yourself a favour and buy them.


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