WarioWare Inc. Mega Microgames | Mini Review!

What is it?

WarioWare Inc. Mega Microgames is a minigame-compilation title developed and published by Nintendo. Mario’s arch-rival Wario discovers a brand new way to make money, and that’s by making video games. Eager at first, he realizes it’s no easy feat, and asks his oddball friends to help him create rapid-fire ‘microgames’ that last between 5 and 10 seconds long. Each character has a stage with their own plot, respectively.


Consoles: Game Boy Advance, Wii U, 3DS

  • Contains over 200 rapid-fire micro-games with their own themes (sports, puzzles, and even Nintendo games!) 
  • Remix stages mash up microgames from other characters’ stages
  • Unlockable mini-games with a Wario twist, e.g. a clone of Dr. Mario with you-know-who as the star
  • Eccentric sense of humour and colourful visuals
  • A handful of games are carbon copies of one another
  • Palsy reward for getting high scores on each individual microgame
  • Short story mode


WarioWare is a series like none other. The first entry is still a blast today thanks to its simple controls and intuitive gameplay. The colourful cast of characters each have a multitude of dopey microgames to try out. A few are as simple as pressing the ‘A’ button at the right time, while others may require you to button-mash or make some tricky decisions.

Patting dogs, picking noses and collecting coins don’t seem that daunting on paper, but they can be when you have roughly five seconds to complete each one. The stage gets gradually faster before the tricky boss stage appears. Once you beat that, things get harder. After replaying a completed stage, all you need to do is to keep playing until you’re out of lives. As short as the game on the whole is, retrying the stages (along with the remixed stages that crank up the speed to the max, force you to play with one life, etc.) is so addictive. A few unlockable, full-length mini-games can be snagged, though these are usually just little trinkets or minor distractions above anything else. 

WarioWare, Inc. Mega Microgames is jam-packed with manic microgames thrown at you in rapid-succession. Its simplistic gameplay gives it so much replay value.

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