Watch Dogs 2

What is it?

Watch_Dogs 2 is the second instalment to the Watch Dogs franchise. It’s kind of a sequel, but it involves none of the same characters and everything’s changed. It’s a lot more light-hearted, colourful and fun though, with a lot of nifty functionality.


PC, PS4, Xbox One

Looks fantastic.
Decent music.
Missions are mostly decent.
Bright and colourful.
Characters are a little crap.
Driving is dreadful.
Controls are bafflingly poor.
Some missions fail to live up to expectations.


I enjoyed the first Watch Dogs, and the second one does improve on it. There isn’t a drab setting, or a mopey main character, but some of the same issues still remain. Driving is nightmarish, and with a massive open world to explore, it really does detract from the game as a whole. The controls as well were decent in the first game, but for some reason they decided to make them awful in this version. That being said, it’s still an alright game. Not something I’d pay full price for, but if it was in a sale, then I’d recommend it to you.


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