Watch Dogs Legion | Mini Review

What is it?

Watch Dogs Legion is the third in Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs series, and this time they’ve taken the game onto British soil by placing Dedsec into a dystopian London nightmare, with players tasked with rebelling against the occupying forces and opening people’s eyes to the truth.


PC, PS4, PS5, XBox One, XBox Series S/X

London is recreated very well.
Looks great.
Story missions are quite fun.
Plenty of hidden easter eggs and secrets.
Missions are samey.
Voice acting is rubbish.
Character diversity is slim.


It’s been a few months since Watch Dogs Legion has released, and it definitely has improved to a position where I feel it’s actually worthy of its score now. Previously, with it having so many bugs, it was definitely an avoid game, but now I’m sure people will enjoy going around a smaller-scale version of London and enjoying themselves.


4 Stars


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