WWE 2K17 – Mini Review!

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What is it?

WWE 2K17 is the latest installment of the WWE franchise, offering players the full experience of being a wrestler for the WWE.


PC, PS4 & XBox One

Looks more lifelike than ever.
Promos before matches are cool.
Good wrestling mechanics.
Plenty of characters on the roster.
Career mode is a bit crap.
Lack of tutorial can hinder players.
Some small bugs.


WWE 2K17 is alright I guess. It definitely helps if you’ve played it before, as otherwise it can be a bit tricky to get to grips with the controls. The career mode seems a little lacking as well, so it’s a bit disappointing. It does have top graphics and the wrestling has improved to be mostly bug free, so if you just want to chokeslam chumps, then this is the game for you.


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