WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 – Mini Review!

What is it?

I used to enjoy WWE – I think every kid in the 90s did, and while I didn’t play all the WWE games on the Playstation or Playstation 2, I do own them all now so I may well play through them all. I decided the latest version I owned was a good place to start, and it’s definitely a change to what I was used to. Different controls, characters that look like real people and an enormous roster of characters to play as or throw around.



Looks pretty decent.
Loads of different moves to use.
Decent amount of areas to fight in.
Storylines are decent.
Character customisation is even better.
The character creator was a little buggy.
A little samey after a while.
Commentary is a little dull after a while.


The WWE games were never great, but they always were fun for a little while. The story mode in them always gave a good experience and this one is no different, with great cut scenes and decent story lines. The voice acting is, well, exactly what you’d expect from people who get punched for a living, but other than that, it’s quite fun. Character customisation is tip top in this installment, and you could spend hours crafting a perfect character with a brilliant opening if you wanted. Probably one of the better WWE games out there.


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