XCom 2 – Mini Review!

What is it?

XCom 2 is a tactical sci-fi shooter that sees you take control of a squad of humans, in an attempt to fend off an encroaching alien race.


PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Enjoyable tactical gameplay.
Good amount of classes.
Random maps make it fun every time.
Challenging throughout.
Plenty of foes to take on.
Dodgy DLC.
RNG seems a little off.
Punishing for newcomers.


The first thing anyone ever says about XCom 2 is that it made them think a 95% chance to hit is actually a 5% chance to miss. It’s very well documented that the RNG used to perform hits on your opponents is a bit screwy and designed to drive you crazy, but overall it still works enough to make the game challenging. There are plenty of different aspects that keep calling me back into trying and failing to save the human race, so as long as you steer clear of the DLC, I’d definitely recommend this game.


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