Zombie Army Trilogy (PC) | Mini Review!

What is it?

Zombie Army Trilogy is a third-person survival horror shooter by Rebellion. Being a spin off of the Sniper Elite series, it contains remastered versions of Nazi Zombie Army 1 & 2, along with a third chapter and other new content. Hitler has resurrected the dead in hopes of winning the war. A squad of experienced sharpshooters band together in order to take out the undead dictator.


PC, Xbox One, PS4

Exciting survival horror action in single player and horde mode, moreso in multiplayer mode.
Plentiful amounts of weapons and equipments to use.
Combat with X-Ray kills is a satisfying combo; higher difficulty modes make the bullet physics more realistic.
Oodles of deadly zombies, from the sluggish crawlers to suicide bombers and undead snipers.
Spooky setpieces and good level designs.
Spacious checkpoint system.
Most side-weapons and pistols will likely ruin your accuracy/kill combo, barring the shotguns and revolver.
Some sniper rifles feel a bit samey.
Repetitive objectives.


Yes, it’s just as mindless as the zombies you’ll plug in the head, and no, it doesn’t bring anything particularly new to the table. It’s Sniper Elite in a zombie apocalypse, nothing more and nothing less. Does it hit the mark? Damn right it does. Tip: get yourself a few buddies for the best ghoul-hunting experience.


3 Stars

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