160 Artists Re-Animate Legendary Zelda CD-i Cutscene | News

The iconic cutscene featuring Morshu the shopkeeper from the infamously bad Zelda: Faces of Evil for the Phillips CD-i has been reanimated by a team of 160 artists who redrew a single frame each.

The end result is… interesting, to say the least. The tubby merchant has been redrawn as Peter Griffin, Goro Majima, Mario, Homer Simpson, Slenderman, and more. Some artists stuck to the character’s original design, while others drew him in various different art styles, rather than the jagged, ‘Microsoft Paint’ look that the game’s cutscenes were criticised for.

You can find the full video on Jimmy Davis’ YouTube channel. Davis organised this collaboration, and has over 70,000 subscribers. He is known for his YouTube Poop (YTP) mash-up parodies, and frequently uses footage from the Zelda CD-i games in his videos as well. As a YTP fanatic myself, he’s definitely worth subscribing to – as long as you have enough rupees.

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