Act 6 Of Hitman 3’s Seven Deadly Sins DLC Revealed | News

The Season of Envy is almost upon us, Hitman fans. Act 6: Envy will deliver a brand new Escalation contract for those who purchased the Seven Deadly Sins DLC, along with bonus equipment as well.

47 returns to the Vineyards of Mendosa, South America… well, at least in his mind. In ‘The Envy Contention’, you’ll be competing against a rival agent. You’ll have to beat him to get the hits on the targets in order to succeed, provided you execute them in the exact way that the voice of Envy instructs you to. It’  ounds a bit like Hitman 2‘s 1v1 online multiplayer mode (is this coming back anytime soon, Io Interactive?).

As for the new loot, there’s a suit that takes the term ‘sharp-dressed’ to a whole new level (get it? It’s decorated with daggers and– oh, never mind), with The Odium Suit. There’s also the Jaeger 7 Green Eye, a reskinned sniper rifle with armour-piercing rounds and suppressor, and The Cat’s Claw, a dagger that may have other abilities, but we’re not so sure as of yet.

This new update will be available as part of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC, which can be purchased seperately or as one bundle, on September 28th. Let’s see if it’ll be enough to make the non-DLC owners envious as well…

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