August 2021 Playstation Plus Games | News

I may have run out of metaphors to describe the oppressive heat (I’m Scottish, meaning that I’m genetically predisposed to complaining about the weather, good or bad) but fortunately the good ship Sony continues its goodwill cruise to festoon you, the sweaty gamer, with extra value for your PS Plus subscription this August.

As always, the freebies aren’t free (but they are a nice bonus). You need an active Playstation Plus membership to not only download the games on offer but to play them at any point. If you’re in the middle of playing something or perhaps the number of games in your backlog is higher than the temperature, simply hit the ‘add to library’ button to revisit that title at a later date.



Taking place after PvZ: Garden Warfare, 2019’s Battle for Neighborville sees the fantasy locale of Zomburbia engulfed in conflict after the zombies escape their ‘smell jar’ prison and take aim at their sworn enemies, the plants! The gorgeous third-person shooter sees players choose their side, between the brain-less and the botanicals, and assume the colourful roles of one of 20 different cutesy classes divided into attackers, defenders and support. Team up with up to 3 friends in free-roam co-op PvE, improving your skills and upgrading your character, or test yourself against human players online in 6 PvP modes including a 24-player massive battle arena.

Available from August 3.



Play as one of the world’s elite tennis athletes captured in exacting detail or build your own custom player and scale the heights of success in the campaign mode of Tennis World Tour 2. The career mode drills down into the nitty-gritty of tennis pro life, managing your staff, sponsors and equipment before taking to the courts to pit your wits against each season’s opponents. 

Once you’ve perfected your abilities against the competitive AI, you can polish your performance in singles and doubles performance against players all around the world in online ranked exhibition matches using dynamic and precise controls to press your advantage.

Available from August 3.



Steeped in the rich lore and aesthetics of ancient Asian myth, Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a 30-player PvPvE Battle Royale third-person action-combat game infused with fast-paced martial arts combat. Clear demon-infested dungeons to claim armour and weapons and gain a competitive advantage over other hunter-players, all the while dodging the magical barrier that periodically shrinks the map. Become a lone wolf in solo matches, testing your knowledge of the extensive map and reaction times in explosive combat or play with two friends in trios to create an ultimate fighting force that can challenge all comers and become the last team standing.

Available from August 3.


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