Award-Winning Co-Op RPG Card-Crawler Wastenauts Skydives Onto Kickstarter | News

Hope you’re not afraid of heights, Divers. Razbury Games has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for Wastenauts, their award-winning co-op RPG card-crawler, set to launch for PC in 2022. Humanity has been chased off the surface by possessed machines and now lives in giant flying cityships, from where insane reckless brave salvage teams descend to gather whatever resources they can get their hands on: Divers! You’ll need to recruit some allies, join the campaign, and help take the planet from the bots and scavs.

You’ll need to draw from a deck of cards to earn loot and items, as well as potential event cards that could complicate any encounter. After exploring for the day, you’ll be able to trade and prepare for more exploration. You’ll need to fight a boss in you want to leave with your loot. After each session, use your loot to purchase new cards for the next trip – abilities, blueprints, and even monsters to add to the deck and make it trickier. The harder your next dive, the greater the rewards.

Join the other Divers in the Wastenauts Alpha by backing the Kickstarter campaign. Check out the Dev Blog and Discord to get updates on the game and its development, and have a peek at the trailer below:


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