Blood, Bullets And Synthesizers! Neon Beasts Jump-Kicks Its Way Onto Kickstarter | News

Blackstar IA recently revealed a new single-player first-person shooter that fans of games like Hotline Miami and TimeSplitters will no doubt drool over. Neon Beasts has you playing as a ruthless assassin who’s been tasked with killing a big-name terrorist leader, alongside anyone foolish enough to try and stop you. And there’ll be a lot of foolish people.

Set in a fictional take on Miami and inspired by eighties action movies, Neon Beasts will have an upgrade system, audio logs, power-ups, additional game mdoes, and fast-paced combat that’ll have you booting unsuspecting foes and wall-bouncing in between gunshots to the tune of some sweet synthwave beats.

You can check out the project on Kickstarter, and can even try out a free demo. If this one peaks your interest, you can follow progress on Twitter. Have a peek at the trailer and some of the screenshots below.

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