Boomer Shooter Cover EP ‘Nuke’em’ Now Available To Download | News

Noise Boulder Records have shared a free bonus for all you retro FPS fans out there: a free remix EP entitled ‘Nuke’em’, made up of remixes of iconic themes from Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, and DOOM.

The head of the label, Mike Norvak, said in an announcement: “It contains my 2021 drum & bass remix to [the] Duke Nukem main theme, a trancey remix from 2013 of Shadow Warrior´s main theme and a whole new remix to 1993 Doom’s main theme, from the WIP two part EP: ReDoomed!” The awesome cover art was drawn by Ardat Lilitu.

Norvak has released a number of remixes of various video game tunes, movies, and so on. It’s exciting to hear he’ll be working on a batch of unique covers for another iconic series. In the meantime, you can download the EP for free from Bandcamp here.

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