Donkey Kong Country Swings Its Way Onto Nintendo Switch Online | News

Widely considered to be one of the greatest Super Nintendo titles ever made, Rare’s iconic side-scroller Donkey Kong Country from 1994 is now available to play on Nintendo Switch Online

In it, Donkey Kong and his little buddy Diddy Kong discovers that their banana hoard has been stolen by King K. Rool and his army of Kremlins. The two primates must scour through jungles, lakes, factories, caves and even hop around in minecarts in order to get back their fruity treasure. They can also team up with their fellow animal friends, like Rambi the Rhino and Enguarde the Swordfish, who can help them dispatch foes and reveal secret areas with ease.  

The game was widely revered for its use of silicon graphics, hence its smooth animations and incredibly detailed visuals. The fact that a SNES cartridge could maintain a consistent framerate with such a title was mind-blowing for its time. Its fast-paced, challenging gameplay and incredibly catchy soundtrack are but a few additional reasons why playing this retro classic is all the more worthwhile these days.

Alongside this, an additional SNES and NES game will also be added to the library of 70+ free retro titles. Natsume Championship Wrestling and The Immortal can be played anytime, provided you are signed up to Nintendo’s online service.

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