DOOM Eternal Cosmetics Now On Sale | News

Looks like id Software is selling in-game skins for DOOM Eternal now. Once an exclusive bonus for Twitch users, the DOOMicorn Master Collection Cosmetic Pack is available to purchase for £3.99/£4.99, while the Series One Cosmetic Pack is £7.39/$8.99.

Both packs contain skins for the Slayer, as well as the demons in the online Battle Mode, as well as pallette swaps for guns, icons, nameplates and podiums to place these characters on in the main menu.

Looks like they found a loophole around that ‘no microtransactions’ promise, eh? They made $450 million without them after a single year, after all. Then again, to be fair, players had at least two opportunities to unlock these. Question is, will this happen to the rest of the DLCs if the fans are too late to unlock them during the seasonal events and their recaps? Only time will tell.

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