DOOM Eternal Stats Reveals Players Killed Over 12 Billion Demons

Hell’s death toll is rising to astronomical levels in DOOM Eternal. According to the latest Tweet on the official DOOM Twitter account, more than 12.1 billion demons have been killed by players around the world.

The most commonly slain enemy are the Imps – well over 2.3 million of them have been splattered by the DOOM Slayer. The most popular weapon is the Super Shotgun, topping in at roughly 1.7 billion kills. 2.9 billion demons have been glory-killed, and 150.1 trillion gallons of blood have been spilled. According to id Software, that’s “enough to fill over 230 million olympic swimming pools”. You can check out the full range of stats below.

One thing is for certain: these numbers are just gonna keep on getting higher, especially when the new DLC drops and the Switch version is finally announced and released.




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