DOOM Eternal Update 4 Patch Now Live

The 4th update for DOOM Eternal its DLC is now live (details courtesy of the Slayers Club). It features:

  • Classic Mode – start a remixed level with only the Combat Shotgun
  • A new and completely original Master Level (which are normally remixed versions of levels from the main campaign, with tweaked enemies and a higher difficulty), along with bonus player icons, nameplates, and cosmetics to unlock
  • Ultra Nightmare difficulty for this new Master Level, “this means permadeath without the chance to gain Extra Lives”
  • Extra-Life Difficulty Mode, “for those looking to hone their skills and take on a higher challenge as it’s permadeth once you run out of Extra Lives”
  • ‘Gift Wrap and Tear’ event, running from December 10th to January 14th 2021. Unlock a Santa-themed skin for the Slayer!
  • Various patches and fixes on all platforms for the campaign and online BATTLEMODE
  • “Improvements to max resolution while running in backwards compatibility mode on Xbox Series X and S, some key bug fixes and other improvements”

On top of that, there’s only one week left until the game hits the Switch!

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