DOOM Eternal’s ‘Peachy Keen’ Event Extended By A Week | News

DOOM Eternal is full of nifty events that give players the chance to unlock awesome new content in exchange for completed challenges and kicking demon butt on a mass scale. Id Software originally announced that the ‘Peachy Keen’ event – an opportunity for players to earn a plethora of Commander Keen-themed goodies, from icons to new skins – would’ve concluded today, but it looks like that won’t be the case!.

It’s been confirmed on the Slayers Club that the event will be extended by a full week to give you everyone a change to unlock to bag its cooky unlockables. id said: “From now until June 3, 2021, DOOM Eternal players can earn exciting new cosmetics such as the mean, green Bloog Pain Elemental, neon-accented Undead Droid Revenant and the old-school Commander Keen Slayer Master Collection – all just by playing the game!”

“Unlock rewards by earning XP from completing Campaign levels (including The Ancient Gods – Part One & Part Two), BATTLEMODE matches and weekly challenges. These goodies won’t be around forever, so jump in and start grabbing that sweet, sweet XP before these rewards say goodbye, galaxy!”

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