DOOM: The Classics Collection Now Open For Pre-Orders | News

Oh, Limited Run Games, why must you tempt us with even more merch? DOOM: The Classics Collection – a collection of the first three titles in the series – for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 was recently revealed. Alongside this is a Special Edition of the compilation, where you can get yourself a keycard replica, DOOM disk USB, a reprinted version of the infamous DOOM comic book (yes, the one that featured the meme-y lines “rip ‘n’ tear” and “you have huge guts”), and more.

These will both be available for PS4 and Switch in a four-week pre-order starting on April 2 at 2pm GMT / 10am ET via their website. Best be quick, though. The previous physical release that included a DOOM Marine helmel sold out awfully quickly!

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