Duke Nukem Tank Tracks Album On Sale, Moddable Files Also Available | News

Duke Nukem Tank Tracks, Lee Jackson’s latest album, is on sale at Bandcamp. It’s made up of songs inspired by Duke Nukem 3D and the 20th Anniversary World Tour edition of the game, and is home to the singles ‘Sniper’ and ‘Underground Train’.

The artist wrote: “Through March 31st, save 20% on Duke Nukem Tank Tracks! Just enter ‘communitytanktracks’ (without the parentheses) in the discount box at checkout when ordering, and you’ll get 20% your purchase of that album! Offer expires at midnight UDT March 31st 2021. Don’t miss out!” Click here to visit Bandcamp and save yourself a few coins with the special code.

Want to mod the music into your copy of Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour? No problem – check out the ‘Duke Nukem Tank Tracks OGG Pack‘ and its “high quality, pre-rendered, custom-looped audio,” which can replace any track in the game. For £4/$5, this should be a certified steal for the fans, considering that you just need to unzip it into the game’s directory containing the USER.CON file.



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