DUSK’s Switch Port Features Super Mario 64 Parody Level | News

The critically-acclaimed (or should I say, “WORTHY”?) boomer shooter DUSK is coming to the Switch this Halloween, but it’s coming with an unexpected surprise, something that Mario fans will instantly recognize.

The game’s Endless mode features a parody of Princess Peach’s castle from Super Mario 64. It’s called “Mamma Mia Flesh Palace”, and it looks just as horrifying as it sounds. Humorously, the trailer even uses Mario sound effects.

This isn’t the only exclusive map that has been released alongside DUSK. The GOG version of the game features an exlusive level, bathed in purple walls – the same colour as the website’s logo. In any case, players should feel right at home with bouncing around the gruesome estate while dispatching unstoppable waves of monsters.

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