February 2021 PS Plus Games | News

While the weather outside might still be frightful, the gaming forecast indoors is delightful, thanks to the generous people at Sony who have announced the PS Plus free games for subscribers in February.

Lockdown may have exponentially engorged your gaming backlog but that’s no reason to let free games pass you by. Add Plus titles to your library while they’re available and play them at a later date, as long as you have a valid Plus subscription.



Announced as a launch title for the PS5 last year during Sony’s next-gen showcase, Destruction Allstars was quickly pushed back but finally makes its debut on the next-gen console. Allstars takes the frenetic vehicle action of Rocket League, fuses it with the character design swagger of Fortnite and mixes in fast-paced Titanfall-style traversal to offer a unique multiplayer experience.

Hit the roads in a variety of futuristic arenas as one of 16 heroes – each with their own abilities and hero cars – as you compete in one of three classes of disposable vehicles in insane destruction derbies over 4 different game modes (single-player, Carnado, Stockpile and Gridfall). Demolish the opposition both on foot and behind the wheel to earn in-game currency that can be used to customise your wheels and your character with paint jobs, emotes and costumes. Challenge series will be added soon that will introduce daily challenges to earn more currency and focus on hero rivalries that will enrich the backstories of the characters and the world of Destruction Allstars.

While Destuction Allstars makes its debut as a PS Plus title, it will be free to download until April 5th, after which time it will only be purchasable from the Playstation Store.

Available on PS5 from February 2.



Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment have become a household name in the third-person adventure field with notable titles such as Max Payne 1 & 2, Alan Wake and Quantum Break all under their belt. But it was 2019’s Control that really cemented their reputation for quirky storytelling, eye-popping design and engaging mechanics.

Investigating the disappearance of her brother, Dylan, Jesse Faden arrives in New York at The Oldest House, the headquarters of the clandestine Federal Bureau of Control, looking for answers and quickly finds herself trapped in a building that doesn’t obey the normal laws of space/time, under siege by the former inhabitants now possessed by a malevolent force called the Hiss. Appointed the new director of the FBC by The Board, a mysterious entity that exists on another plane of existence, Jesse is equipped with the powerful shape-changing service weapon and tasked with banishing the Hiss from the constantly shifting corridors of the building and rescuing the remaining FBC survivors.

Unlike Remedy’s previous games, Control is a metroidvainia, allowing for exploration of The Oldest House in a non-linear fashion using liberated control points to fast-travel around its labyrinthine interior. As they complete missions, solve puzzles and help survivors, players can upgrade Jesse with psychic and psycho-kinetic powers, as well as expanding on the formidable power of the service weapon. All these skills and more will be required to unravel the mystery of the Hiss and uncover how it relates to a painful event in Jesse and Dylan’s past.

Control: Ultimate Edition includes two DLC expansions, Foundation and AWE, as well as a next-gen upgrade for PS5 owners.

Available for PS4 and PS5 from February 2.


The seaside town of Denska has seen better days. Foreboding, near deserted, polluted and littered with refuse, the streets are deserted and unwelcoming, especially for Ash: a young artist whose sketchbook has been stolen by the local bullies. Worse still,  the meanies have scattered the pages throughout Denska, but luckily, as Ash sets out on the quest to retrieve his art, he discovers a magic paintbrush with the ability to bring his creations to life and brighten up the drab town.

Concrete Genie was widely acclaimed for its innovative story-telling, incredible visual style and environmental awareness on its release in 2019, and this version includes two additional modes that incorporate PSVR functionality to further immerse players in the oh-so beautiful visuals.

Available from January 4th.


So that’s the forecast for your immediate gaming future: larger-than-life demolition derbies, sinister paranormal investigations and cutesy, heartfelt graffiti buddies. Enjoy the shortest month and fix your peepers back here at the end of February to find out what’s free from Playstation Plus in March.




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