Free On Epic Games Store: HITMAN (2016)

HITMAN Season 1 (2016) is free to download from Epic Games Store until September 3rd. This is likely in lieu of the announcement that there will be a timed release for the PC version of HITMAN Season 3, which will be exclusively available on the storefront. The console releases – PlayStation 5 & 4, Xbox Series X & One, and Google Stadia – will be released alongside on-time in January of next year.

The game features sandbox level designs in a number of missions set around the world. As the silent assassin known as Agent 47, you must use stealth, disguises and all of your cunning to take out high-profile targets without being spotted. It features a number of unlockable weapons and gadgets, not to mention game modes like Escalation Contracts, which gradually become more difficult every time you complete them. You can even challenge other players around the world in Contracts mode, where you’ll be able to mark whoever you find as targets, while deciding how they must be eliminated, and what other pre-set rules will be in place.

Visit the Epic Games Store here, or search for the title in their launcher. Once you add the game to your cart and checkout, it’ll be free to keep.

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