GameChops Announces Lofi Metroid Cover Album ‘Samus & Chill’ | News

GameChops are known for their creative and eclectic video game remixes, especially the lofi hip hop series ‘& Chill‘. Music from famous Nintendo-owned IPs like Pokemon, Mario and Zelda s have all received albums featuring mellowed-out spins on a selection of their most iconic tracks, and now it looks like the Metroid series will be getting the same treatment with Samus & Chill.

Produced by Tune in with Chewie, it features 12 tracks from a range of entries in the series, from Super Metroid to Samus Returns. According to the product description, Chewie (AKA Nestor Estrada) used “custom-built synthesizers, orchestral sound libraries, and vast textures created from his eurorack and guitar.”

The album will be released tomorrow, but you can still preorder it today for $10 and get 2 tracks instantly. Check out the album on Bandcamp here.

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