Graphic Novel-Inspired Action! Physical Copies of Liberated – Enhanced Edition Available To Pre-Order For Switch

Atomic Wolf’s 2017 title Liberated will be receiving a limited run of physical copies for an updated version of their game, courtesy of PixelHeart. Liberated – Enhanced Edition is a film-noir inspired action-adventure side-scroller, where all the gunfights take place in panels off a comic book. The plot of the game is described as a “cyberpunk conspiracy against human rights”, with hand-drawn animated cutscenes void of colour.

The Enhanced Edition of the game will include fully voiced characters, as well as two new story DLCs bundled alongside for free. There’l be numbered to 3,000 copies and certified with an “Official PixelHeart” authentication certificate.

Liberated – Enhanced Edition is currently available for the Switch. Bag your copy of the game from the official PixelHeart storefront, and check out who you’ll be up against in the trailer below:

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