Hyperstrange Demos Remain Available To All, Post-Steam Fest | News

When I was growing up, one of my fondest memories was opening the monthly edition of the Official Playstation Magazine and getting my hands on that demo disk. You’d get a handful of games, just the first level or reduced amounts of gameplay from them, and from that you could make an informed decision about what you wanted to buy.

Sadly, these fell out of fashion as the market moved away from physical media and into the digital marketplace. Some developers do still release demos, but more recently the trend is going more towards Early Access and not giving the player enough of an opportunity to try the game before they commit to buying it.

Fear not, though, for one developer is still very much in tune with the needs of the market and are releasing demos for all of their games, and will continue to do so for as long as they are putting out content. After Steam Fest’s limited run of demos featuring many up-and-coming titles, the company released a statement on Steam, revealing that all of their demos are not going anywhere.

“Many of you have been asking ‘will I be able to keep playing the demo after Next Fest ends’?”, said the statement. “We’re old enough (well, some of us) to remember shareware times, when demos came on floppies and lasted forever.” They rounded off by saying “the demos stay, at least until their respective games get released.”

Currently on offer are: Blood West, POSTAL: Brain Damaged, RAYZE, Skullstone and Supplice. While the demos won’t be updated, there’s a great selection of games to sample here.

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