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Shake off those post-turkey season cobwebs and prepare to get those thumbs back in fighting shape as Sony gives you three massive games to immerse yourself in while you hibernate through the icy weeks of January. This month’s offerings are a good example why it’s not always possible to commit to games right away but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out – simply add the Plus titles to your library and play them at a later date, as long as you have a valid Plus subscription.



If devouring a turkey or two over the festive period hasn’t sated your inner carnivore, then Maneater should definitely be your first stop. Manhunter is an open-world action-RPG that puts players in control of one of nature’s deadliest predators: the great white shark.

Orphaned when your shark-mum is brutally killed by a callous hunter, players will tear a bloody swathe of revenge through seven different environments consuming all that stand in their way. Of course, a baby shark can’t possibly achieve such a massive scale of murder and mayhem but by farming materials and crafting preternatural mutations, you can eventually transform into that most fearsome of underwater adversaries: a megashark!

Each biome has it’s own wildlife, challenges, collectibles and apex predators to overcome, not to mention a motley crew of shark hunters ready to strike when your notoriety rating peaks. Of course, eating your foes, fauna and the odd unwary swimmer will level up your shark and unlock abilities such as high-flying acrobatics, boat-shredding ramming manoeuvres and even ensure that land-lubbers are no longer safe from your powerful jaws!

Maneater was released last year on PS4 but this free enhanced version is only available on PS5.

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Available from January 4th.



While Crystal Dynamics – the studio who pioneered this current revamp of the Tomb Raider series – were off in the gaming weeds wondering how their celebrated single-player campaign roots could be forcibly applied to a live-service looter game based on one of the most successful franchises on Earth (*cough* Avengers *cough*), Eidos Montreal took over the reins of the conclusion of Lara Croft’s journey to become the world’s premier modern-day adventurer-archaeologist.

Set two months after the acclaimed Rise of the Tomb Raider, Shadow sees Lara and her sidekick Jonah continue the fight against the sinister organisation known as Trinity, the ne’er-do-wells responsible for killing Lara’s father. Continuing the series penchant for exotic globe-trotting, the pair arrive in Mexico determined to foil Trinity once and for all but accidentally trigger an ancient Mayan apocalypse prophecy after Pedro Dominguez, the leader of Trinity, tricks Lara. Conveniently, the ancient Mayans also left clues to the means of stopping the apocalypse, so Lara heads deeps into the darkest reaches of the Amazon to correct her error and bring Trinity to justice.

Continuing the traditions established by the 2016 reboot, Shadow is chock-full of action, stealth, puzzles, crafting and challenge tombs, all set against beautiful backdrops and served up with luscious visuals.

Available from January 4th.



French developer Spiders could do a lot worse than invite comparison to critical darling Witcher 3 with their latest semi-open-world action-RPG, Greedfall. Like CDPR’s fantasy epic, Greedfall is a period adventure casting players into a fictional land that will challenge them with complex moral decisions when they aren’t engaged in exciting third-person combat.

Players take on the role of De Sardet, a representative of the Merchant Congregation dispatched to the newly discovered island of Teer Fradee, a paradise boasting valuable resources. The Congregation instruct De Sardet to establish diplomatic relations with the natives of the island in order to create lucrative trade routes before rival factions from the mainland continent can do so. Negotiations have barely begun when Constantin, the leader of the Merchant Congregation, falls prey to a deadly disease called the malichor and De Sardet must journey deep into the island’s interior to recover an alleged cure from a supernatural entity who has a powerful connection to Teer Fradee.

Released last year, Greedfall was praised for its mature and nuanced storytelling, in particular deep, involved side-quests, that resulted in varied endings to the game.

Available from January 4th.




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