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Like a greased whippet shot out of an electric faster machine, Sony are hitting the ground running early in 2022. January’s offering of free Playstation Plus titles is a feast of varied gameplay: from JRPG slick cult thrills, to explosive first-person class-based co-op combat, to sim-worthy adrenaline-pumping driving mudfests. It’s a diverse array of popular titles that offers something for everyone to play as they struggle, bleary-eyed, from a miasmic funk of turkey, confectionary and bad television into the New Year.

Naturally, to get on board the good train free games, you have to shell out for or already have an active Playstation Plus subscription. Got that? Splendid. Simply add this month’s games to your library to play straightaway or save for a rainy day (providing you still have an active subscription).



The fifth entry in the critically-acclaimed Japanese RPG series continues to skilfully weave the everyday and flat-out bonkers fantasy into a gripping narrative as players assume the role of a seemingly innocuous high-school student that leads a secret double-life. By day, you are free to explore the school at your leisure, engaging in any activities and relationships that interest you, but be aware that the bonds you form will power the ability to change your destiny! By night, you become a Phantom Thief, using the Metaverse Navigator app on your smartphone to find Palaces – surreal worlds created from the desires of corrupted adults – and steal the ill-gotten treasures within.

Combine real-time action-RPG combat with turn-based mechanics to activate the power of Persona to show these adults the error of their corrupt ways and reform society with your gang of oddball friends!

Available on PS4 from January 4.



Like space? Like mining? Like dwarves? Well, then, the new year is about to get off to a sensational start for you! (Also you should probably seek professional assistance.)

Deep Rock Galactic is a class-based co-op shooter featuring a motley crew of dubiously-accented space dwarf miners (admittedly, there’s a lot to unpack in that sentence). As employees of a greedy mining corporation, the rugged dwarves are sent on excavation missions to the dangerous planetoid of Hoxxes IV, an inhospitable environment teeming with valuable resources that are jealously guarded by vicious indigenous bugs. As one of four build classes (gunner, driller, scout and mechanic), each with their own loadouts and abilities, players are free to make their way to their objectives how they see fit in procedurally-generated, almost-completely destructible environments: explode your way through walls, hack through obstacles with your trusty pick axe or use overpowered drill-fists to carve corridors through the rock to reach your destination.

While DRG can be played solo, it really does come into its own in co-op: giving each player a specific role to play and the tools to contribute to the team effort. There’s endless replayability as well, with a variety of biomes on offer and a diverse array of mission types, such as simple resource extraction, alien egg stealing, repairing or retrieving machinery and escort duties. Oh, and did we mention the vicious indigenous bugs…?

Available on PS4 & PS5 from January 4.



The Dirt series has been a staple of industry veteran developers Codemasters for many a year and Dirt 5 promises to be their most ambitious take on extreme off-road racing to date. Boasting over 70 routes in 10 glamourous locales around the world, Dirt 5 offers a variety of highlight reel moments for every mucky petrolhead out there. The game offers a stunning selection of cars – from rally icons to sprint cars – to put through their paces in eight different race types that are dogged by dynamic weather and dangerous terrain.

Featuring the video game voice-talent royalty of Nolan North and Troy Baker, the campaign mode charts players’ meteoric rise to stardom as you prove your driving credentials, earn sponsorships and battle a fierce rival through spectacular boulder-conquering Stampedes, serpentine Land Rush circuits, white-knuckle Sprint races and the return of the ambitious Gymkhana arenas. While the AI adversaries are more than up to the task of testing you, online tournaments pit player against player for action-packed racing and don’t forget to perfect a style to make your rivals envious in the almost limitless livery editor!

Available on PS4 & PS5 from January 4.

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