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It might be hotter than a base PS4 running Witcher 3 but the sad commercial truth of the summer months is that it’s usually where game releases go to die, if there are any released at all. Luckily, for those of you with a Playstation Plus subscription, it’s almost time for the lovely, lovely people at Sony to fatten your game larder. At least for the next month. 

If you’re a long-time subscriber to Playstation Plus you may find that you already have a backlog of freebies to work your way through (or you may just be falling down some other gaming rabbit hole) but luckily you can still add Plus games to your library for downloading at a later date, although you will need an active subscription to play any in the future.



Few franchises need little to no introduction but, really, what is there to say about Call of Duty that hasn’t been said? The seminal shooter continues to steamroll the charts every November, offering tweaks and upgrades to a best-selling formula that has hundreds of millions of fans around the world.

Black Ops 4 is the sequel to 2015’s fan-favourite third entry in the spin-off series that favours down-and-dirty covert operations to legitimate engagements and is the 15th game to be released in the franchise. BO4 drops the familiar high-octane single-player campaign normally packaged with the game in favour of shorter ‘solo missions’ set between part II and III that are geared around the back stories of the cast of characters or ‘specialists’ from entries past and present.

Not missing though is the celebrated multiplayer offering, in this case comprising of three distinct modes. The iconic PvP returns in all of its glory, enhanced with improved ballistics and predictive weapon recoil, infused with different classes of specialists, each with unique kit, weapons and traits. For those players who prefer their enemies a little less twitchy and unpredictable, the ubiquitous Zombies mode might be just the very thing, featuring over 100 customisable variables to tune the zed-head-popping experience to your tastes. Finally, and in a novel turn (at the time), BO4 featured what could be considered the precursor to the insanely popular War Zone mode: Blackout. Featuring the largest map ever shipped with a COD game (at the time), Blackout pits 100 players against each other in solos, duos or quads to scavenge loot and equipment, dodge the shrinking grasp of the ever decreasing circle and become the last player or players standing.

Available on PS4/PS5 from July 6.



Dispensing with the annualised wrestling sim that fans had been accustomed to, WWE 2K Battlegrounds is a more fast-paced, arcade-style brawler that pits WWE Superstars and Legends against each other in spectacular fashion at iconic locations around the world. Take on all comers using special abilities, power ups and signature moves to increase your arsenal and dominate the wrestling ring!

Join Stone Cold Steve Austin and Paul Heyman as you trek across the globe to find the next generation of WWE talent, unlocking new multiplayer characters and interactive battleground environments as you go. Mastered the campaign? Battle friends and family in local multiplayer action or take the challenge online and test your skills against the world.

Available on PS4/PS5 from July 6.



It’s won awards and critic’s hearts alike since releasing in 2019 and now PS Plus subscribers get a free day one next-gen upgrade for A Plague Tale: Innocence that gives the already hauntingly beautiful game 4K visuals, targeted 60 FPS performance and faster loading.

Set during the 14th century 100 Years War, players guide young noble Amicia as she struggles to protect her younger brother, Hugo, while they flee French Inquisition troops attacking her English army occupied home in a ruthless search for the young boy. It transpires that Hugo’s blood carries a supernatural contaminate that the Inquisition want to solidify their powerful grip on the country. To make matters worse the countryside is teeming with rats carrying the black plague that are infecting all they encounter.

With just a slingshot and improvised projectiles, Amicia must use stealth and cunning to progress through increasingly intricate survival puzzles in order to find a cure for her brother and keep a dark power out of the hands of the Inquisition.

Available on PS5 only from July 6.

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