June 2021 Playstation Plus Games | News

As temperatures begin to head North and the video game year strolls into the doldrums of the summer slump, the good people of Sony can at least guarantee additions to your library even if there are no new titles in your sights. It’s time for the PS Plus games for June, which, as is customary, consists of one Playstation 5 exclusive along with two Playstation 4 titles that are also available to the PS5 via backwards compatibility.

If you’re a long-time subscriber to Playstation Plus you may find that you already have a backlog of freebies to work your way through (or you may just be falling down some other gaming rabbit hole) but luckily you can still add Plus games to your library for downloading at a later date, although you will need an active subscription to play any in the future.



This month’s PS5 exclusive is the asymmetrical co-operative espionage thriller, Operation: Tango. Set in the near future, players assume the unique roles of hacker and agent as they tackle missions around the globe, infiltrating, investigating and thwarting attempts to overthrow the world. Teamwork is crucial (the game can only be played with two people) and communication is key as players combine skills to complete innovative puzzles with a suite of technological toys that wouldn’t be out of place in a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster. Each mission features unique brain-teaser challenges in exotic locations, recreating authentic thrilling spy moments that need to be solved from opposite ends of the problem.

Available on PS5 only until July 5.



While most fighting games are happy to battle across a 2D plane, Sega’s classic Virtua Fighter series is one of the few that truly took advantage of 3D technology, featuring fully rendered characters and environments. Ultimate Showdown is the remastered version of VF5, featuring fully updated graphics, new background music, a redesigned user interface and improved online functionality.

The iconic series balances martial arts combat is famed for being approachable to newcomers but contains enough deep strategy to provide a compelling challenge for those prepared to invest the time in mastering it. Updates to the classic arcade experience include 16-player customisable tournaments (including spectating) that accompany the famed training mode, ranked matches and arcade mode.

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is available to PS Plus subscribers for two months ahead of its release on Playstation Now.

Available until August 2.



One of the quintessential elements of the Star Wars franchise is its signature starfighter combat but gamers haven’t been able to truly experience the thrilling cat-and-mouse dogfighting since the popular X-Wing and TIE Fighter simulators of the 90’s, until now that is. Although Electronic Arts’ various Star Wars outings, most notably the Battlefront games, had dabbled with arcade-style vehicular combat, Squadrons is much more in line with Elite Dangerous and those earlier simulators.

Set after the events of Return of the Jedi, the Squadrons campaign tales both sides of the continuing conflict between the rebellion-turned-New Republic and the remnants of the Empire as both sides vie for control of the galaxy. Players take control of iconic craft like X-wings and TIE fighters with fully customisable loadouts and cosmetics, learning the individual tactics and characteristics of each fighter. For those eager to test their mettle against human pilots, Squadrons includes online PvP dogfighting and full PSVR support to create the ultimate in cockpit immersion.

Available until July 5.

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