Laughably Fake Nintendo Direct “Leak” Circulates On Twitter | News

A so-called “leak” of a Nintendo Direct document was spotted recently on Reddit, only to be taken down minutes later. It has been circulating on Twitter, with many speculating whether it is real or not.

The sheet implies that there will be new games to be announced like Splatoon 3, Super Mario Odyssey 2, and Metroid Resurgence, as well as third-party titles like Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition and Hitman 3. A trailer for the Nintendo Switch Pro is also said to be the first reveal.

As if some of these announced games weren’t unlikely enough, the sheet is riddled with typos. To name a few, “Assassin’s” and “Software” are spelled incorrectly, there is a title called “Fallout 3: New Vegas” (which are two seperate game titles in the Fallout series), and Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is partially written in lower-case.

Nintendo Direct will be taking place on the 11th this month. Check out the document below, it’s a doozie of a read, but the possibility of a majority of these titles popping on the console are very unlikely indeed:


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