Minion Masters – Mordar’s Malediction DLC Free To Download From Steam | News

Free DLC for the stretegic card game Minion Masters can be yours if you’re fast enough. It’s currently free on Steam for a limited amount of time.

The product description is as follows: “Mordar the Mad Necromancer’s cruelty knows no bounds. Mordar’s Malediction is a great +300% value bundle that gives you what you need to build your own Mordar deck, including the Mordar master himself and the infamous Ghost card (Legendary!). It also gives you a headstart in this month’s Season Pass.”

The contents include:

  • Mordar (Master)
  • Soul Collector Mordar (Legendary Skin)
  • 3x Ghost (Legendary Card)
  • 20x Spirit Vessel
  • 20x Undying Skeleton
  • 5x Power Tokens
  • 3x Season Pass Tiers

“Mordar’s specialty is raising minions from the dead with his Tombstone ability. Use Ghost to take over your opponent’s minions, then raise them from the dead on your side! Use your trusted skeleton servants to bolster your ranks: Undying Skeleton won’t stay dead for long, and Spirit Vessel gives your other minions a bonus on death. Use all this death-y goodness and more to overwhelm your opponents! With this Master Box, you have the perfect kit to become a supreme necromancer!”

The Scrat Infestation DLC for Minion Masters is free to download if you swipe it up before September 27th – grab it here!

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