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Over a decade ago, a talking cat with a chipmunk’s voice named Tom won the hearts of many young mobile device users, including yours truly. Throughout the years, more loveable characters came along, including Talking Angela, his girlfriend and Talking Pierre, a green parrot. I still remember Lila the Fairy, Roby the Robot and the Johns from the early 2010s, but they suddenly disappeared from relevance as the franchise progressed with a few spin-offs. Speaking of Tom’s girlfriend, remember the days of her being completely naked just like the dudes? As much as I adored her first solo app back in my college years, I absolutely hated the way a lot of people were spreading a horrible and frustrating rumour about it being dangerous for children due to it being hosted by a hacker whose image can be seen in her eyes. Even though her app does not consist of her as a chatbot anymore, I did not believe in the foolish rumour whatsoever before the change and I never will. Later in the mid-2010s, My Talking Angela was released as the more feminine counterpart of My Talking Tom. In the first half of 2021, it has been announced that an official sequel will be released in this Summer.

It is quite exciting to see a famous kitty in her new chapter in the early 2020s when we need some motivation and enlightenment in this world.

It is pretty obvious to say that My Talking Angela 2 will be the more feminine equivalent of My Talking Tom 2, the sequel to My Talking Tom I reviewed back in late 2018. Again, just because a sequel is rather unnecessary, does not mean that it is completely atrocious. Furthermore, whilst reviewing My Talking Tom 2 and pointing out how it at least was a big sign of a new era for the Talking Friends franchise at best, I was suspecting that there would be a sequel to My Talking Angela that enhances it even further. And look where we are now! Hoping that My Talking Angela 2 will ultimately be familiar yet fresh due to a lot of potential shown in the trailer. I am aware that the app is currently available after a soft launch for Android devices outside of the United Kingdom and North America in March, but how about we wait until its official launch this Summer to analyse the entirety of the gameplay? Besides, I cannot find it in the app store on my iPhone and iPad in England yet. Furthermore, some of us take spoilers a little too seriously.

The icon will have the number 2 at the bottom right corner to prove that it is a sequel.

Angela looks as adorable as ever in her forthcoming chapter. There appears to be some extra shine in her eyes, compared to the first My Talking Angela app. I love how customisable she appears to be if the ability to change their outfit and apply makeup on her face as those are part of what made My Talking Angela popular, especially for young girls, but let us hope none of the wigs will be Angie Fierce’s black and blue bob. I am expecting her to start out as an adorable kitten in a pram as that was how she started in the first My Talking Angela game. How she fell onto the floor after supposedly being poked by the player is almost as quirky as Cartoon Network becoming “Cat-Toon Network” on April Fool’s Day. I still remember making her do the can-can by repeatedly poking her legs in the first My Talking Angela app back in about 2014. Can she still snap her fingers to turn a blue room into a stylish pink one? The feminine feline who you can talk to will be as cute and sweet as Hello Kitty in a recent update of Kitten Match this Summer.

Aside from the customization that is enhanced with the option to change the colour of a wig or any other clothing item, the sequel’s controls should be simple and easy, especially for the youth of today who love the current era of Talking Friends.

The vibrant graphics and the cute essences in the app sure enhance the mood playing a successor to an app about the life of a female cat who loves fashion, singing, dancing and travelling.

It is expected to take good care of Angela to keep her happy in the new chapter, just like in the predecessor. There also seems to be the need to send her to bed if she becomes sleepy and needs her beauty sleep. Her bed is now near a window that shows the night sky when she is asleep and the daytime when she is awake. Isn’t that a great touch? Of course, we would expect her to go hungry within a short matter of time. Do you think she will be able to eat some mac and cheese on National Macaroni and Cheese day? Although it is good to eat and sleep, getting active is also important for benefiting physical and mental health as we also see her dancing on a dance floor as a rehash of the dancing feature that was introduced in an update of My Talking Angela back in late 2018. Oh! And I am also expecting the ability to pet her to increase her happiness level to return too, along with the need to cure any injuries or sickness with the right treatments from the medicine cabinet, just like how you can make Tom feel better in My Talking Tom 2.

Be sure to help Angela feel better when her needs are low and red! Isn’t she precious?

As previously mentioned, it is expected to see a sparkling BFF begin her new chapter as a kitten, just like in a previous one. Watching her grow every time a specific level is reached would seem quite rewarding to a degree.

The aspects of good hygiene standards when the comes to taking care of Angela are still present, including the importance of brushing your teeth and having a bath. The only difference when it comes to brushing Angela’s teeth in the sequel is that the player uses an electric toothbrush instead of a manual one. I believe that it is to make the premise a little more modern. A whole new aspect of giving her a bath is that there are a huge variety of different soaps that results in different suds. There is also the option to help her…do her business, just like in My Talking Tom and My Talking Tom 2. I believe that there should be a moment of her washing her paws afterwards to set up a hygienic example for young children. It sure is adorable how you can also brush her fur in her new chapter, just like how you would brush a dog’s fur in Nintendogs and Petz 5, which is a brand new aspect of caring for her and expands on how she often likes to look glamourous. I would not be surprised if an update of the game after its official release features the option to give her a manicure and a pedicure.

The variety of soaps that result in differently coloured and shaped bubbles would be my favourite new aspect in the sequel.

Brush your teeth twice a day, kids!

Aside from how Angela’s new house is set in a city in the sequel, another new feature is allowing her to travel to different countries, especially Paris, which is a reference to how her first solo app was set in that city. There is also a brief cutscene of her excitedly roaming in the streets in a chosen destination with two shopping bags, which is a sign of her being the loveable kitty who loves wearing stylish clothes in the upcoming chapter, along with a sign of receiving some new fashion accessory to make the player feel rewarded. There appears to be a restaurant or café in the home city where you can buy food, which gives the sequel more credibility when it comes to expanding on more than just being set in a house. I have a feeling that the app could also feature a whole new sticker book with details based on real-life locations. If so, then it would honour the success of the first My Talking Angela app even more as I remember being quite invested in trying to earn more stickers as I kept levelling up to unlock more clothing items as a unique expansion of its overall rewards system.

The option to take Angela on a shopping trip in another country is a reminder of how an update of My Talking Tom features the option to spend a flight ticket on getting a photo of another Tom from a different nation, along with a fashion accessory that is exclusive to travelling.

There also appears to be a variety of minigames to provide other forms of challenges aside from keeping Angela’s needs full and green, just like how a simmer would try to keep a sim inspired. Supposedly, a menu of new minigames can be accessed by tapping on the handheld game console at her house like in the predecessor. One of the minigames shown in the trailer features the new mouse-like creature that was introduced in My Talking Tom 2 named “Squeak”, which is another sign of My Talking Angela 2 honouring the aspects of what makes its Tom counterpart fresh for a newer era of mobile gaming. Please do not expect another Flappy Bird clone that is highly similar to Flappy Tom from My Talking Tom. That game was removed from the app store in early 2014, making it slowly fade into irrelevancy. The way other activities include chopping up fruit and baking cupcakes in an oven reminds me of the Cooking Mama franchise and seem to be set in Angela’s kitchen. Playing minigames to earn coins and experience points would be a great way of experiencing some gameplay variety and feel quite rewarded for playing them, aside from how it boosts the feminine feline’s mood and puts a smile on her face.

Bon appétit!

I bet the other pets, such as Flip and Dot will make an appearance in My Talking Angela 2, just like how they did in My Talking Tom 2.

What can I say about Angela’s new house? As someone who remembers spending enough coins on an upgrade for an appliance in Angela’s home, such as her bed and the bathtub in the bathroom, I would expect My Talking Angela 2 to offer upgrades that can be achieved by spending enough coins on one of them and wait for a specific amount of time for it to arrive. If this is ultimately absent, I believe that a more rewarding and satisfying way to achieve bigger appliances would be to unlock them by perhaps spending enough currency without having to wait for about an hour afterwards. As previously mentioned, I would like the sequel to feature a brand new sticker book that will be located somewhere in the house as packets of stickers were given as a reward for levelling up in the predecessor, expanding on its individuality and rewards system. It would be essential to be able to gradually increase the customisation of the house as that feature was available in the previous My Talking Angela app, not just giving the new house vibrant and detailed graphics that are at least different designed compared to the predecessor.

As for what can happen in the house, I believe fitting sounds ought to be heard every time the player tapped on an object in a room. I believe Angela can also be carried around by the player’s fingertip, making it look like she can fly without wings, just like how Tom could in My Talking Tom 2.

So far, the premise of My Talking Angela 2 seems to be more consistent than the premise of My Talking Tom Friends with many aspects of it honouring the appeal of its predecessor shown in the trailer. In 2012, Talking Ginger was established as Tom’s nephew. But in My Talking Tom Friends, the cats look the same exact age, leading to a massive hole in the Talking Friend continuity. However, I might have a theory about Ginger and Tom being the same age. The Ginger in My Talking Tom Friends could be the biological father of the Ginger in many other establishments. Furthermore, the Ginger in other instalments could be referred to as “Ginger II” and the Ginger in My Talking Tom Friends could be “Ginger I” as Talking Tom’s brother. Talking Becca, the grey rabbit who made her official debut in Talking Tom & Friends as an adult makes her mobile game debut as a child. Wait! Didn’t a fully grown Becca first meet an adult Angela as a despicable rival in the show’s fourth season? And some of us thought The Flintstones Kids was inconsistent and contradictory. Luckily, My Talking Angela 2 seems to have what is expected from it as a chronological sequel.

Talking Becca is yet to have her own solo app soon, right? It worked for Talking Hank eventually.

Claiming that some different apps take place in alternate timelines can let plot holes slide, even if it has not been confirmed by the developers. The Talking Ginger in Talking Tom Friends would be the father of the Talking Ginger in the other instalments.

So, we know that My Talking Angela 2 is the upcoming successor to My Talking Angela, kind of like how the box realm in Box Critters is a spiritual successor to the box dimension from Club Penguin. How I remember fondly playing the first My Talking Angela app on my iPad when I was in college. Although I am quite dumbfounded by a few inconsistencies in the newer Talking Friends apps and I miss the now absent characters from the early 2010s apps, I am more than willing to analyse the adorable and quirkiness of the current era of the franchise out of curiosity. Angela’s next chapter looks highly promising with colourful graphics, new and old aspects of self-care and a sense of adventure during minigames and brief shopping. In Summer 2021, bring on the cuteness, style, and femininity of the white-furred kitty we have loved since 2012. I will definitely be up for celebrating her tenth anniversary in early 2022, like how the Cadbury Crème Egg is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and the people in the Netherlands celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first legal same-sex marriage a short while ago. Stay fabulous, kitties!

We will be dreaming of a new adventure with a new sparkling BFF in Summer 2021. Sweet dreams, kitties!

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