‘NEW And OLD Update’ For DUSK Brings Switch Features To PC | News

The critically-acclaimed boomer shooter DUSK is out now on the Switch. Fast-paced combat, an unsettling atmosphere, an intense soundtrack and a slick 60 frames-per-second are but some of the reasons why you should snag this title if you love old school-style shooters.

The port introduces a few cool features: weapon wheel, retro-inspired HUD, an improved world map, auto-hop and auto-climb options to prevent constant button-mashing, and more. Now, thanks to the latest ‘NEW And OLD Update’, these are available on the PC version as well.

Check out the official trailer below for a glimpse of DUSK on the Switch below. PC players might be interested in bagging the game alongside AMID EVIL and ULTRAKILL on Steam as part of The New Blood FPS Trilogy for almost 50% off as well.

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