New Hitman 3 Challenges Offers Two Reskinned Weapons | News

The stealth-action title Hitman 3 has received a new update recently, one of which adds two new challenges to the game. Complete them, and you can get yourself some rare loot that was previously accessible in the previous two titles (unless you did a data transfer and had already unlocked them prior – in which case, you’ve probably already got them in your inventory).

In Dartmoor, knocking out all members of the Carlile family with a hammer will unlock you the Claw Hammer, a legal melee weapon which can be carried with you without raising suspicion. Good for knocking out people, too. Sniping a specific target in Berlin will grant you access to the Jaeger 7 Covert sniper rifle, which comes with a silencer and allows you to aim and fire quicker.

Nothing too daunting, and those who haven’t played the previous entries or acquired any other loot from challenges or the DLCs will no doubt prosper the most here.

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