Duke Nukem Composer Releases New Single, ‘Geisterwolken’ | News

A new single by Lee Jackson – composer for Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Rise of the Triad and more – has finally been released.

The composer wrote: “Geisterwolken (“Ghost Clouds”) – my biggest experiment at heavy metal / hard rock to date. Inspired by a cloud formation I saw while riding home one day in 2021. You could practically see the ghosts streaming amongst the thunderstorm clouds. The genesis of this music immediately jumped into my head and stayed there until I got home, where I could get it into the computer.” The album’s title is German for “ghost clouds”, and features a fantastic cover by talented artist Kittyhawk.

Lee previously released three solo albums. The first was Calibrations, which was mostly made up of songs from Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour, while the other was Derivations, which included an eclectic selection of original songs alongside a track that was originally used for the 1998 build of Duke Nukem Forever and its E3 reveal trailer. The third album, Duke Nukem: Tank Tracks, is inspired by both Jackson’s and Bobby Prince’s compositions from the original and re-release of the title, and is also available in .OGG format, in order to replace any tracks in the 20th Anniversary World Tour edition.

The album can be streamed and purchased here. Give it a listen, metalheads!

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